Pentagon must show Pakistan consequences of supporting terror: US lawmakers

flag, Pakistan, US, Pak US

The Pentagon must “demonstrate” to Pakistan the “consequences” of continued support to terrorists, US Congressional leaders have said as they came out in support of President Donald Trump’s new South Asia policy.

Trump in August unveiled America’s new policy for South Asia and Afghanistan, criticising Pakistan for providing safe havens to terrorists.

The bipartisan group of Congressional leaders, reconciling the differences between the House and Senate versions of the 2018 National defense Authorisation Act (NDAA), also urged the Department of Defense to closely monitor US security assistance to Pakistan and ensure that the country does not use it to support terrorist groups.

The lawmakers, in a joint report of the Senate and House Armed Services committees released yesterday, asked the Pentagon to “demonstrate to Pakistan the consequences of continued support to terrorists”.

Such a demand from lawmakers comes days after the Indian security forces recovered US-made rifle meant for Pakistan from terrorist in Jammu and Kashmir.



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