Amid 90% cut in health bill, Uber campaigning to enrol drivers in Obamacare

Amid 90% cut in health bill, Uber campaigning to enrol drivers in Obamacare

Uber Technologies Inc and some smaller technology companies are launching campaigns to publicise Obamacare enrollment among their contract workers after the Trump administration slashed government marketing for the health programme by 90 per cent.

Freelance and contract workers are an important part of the workforce for many Silicon Valley companies, including drivers at Uber and rival Lyft Inc, and technology companies also have been among the most vocal in confronting Trump administration policies – particularly immigration – that they perceive as hurting their workforce.

Uber describes its programme as a response to a growing need for drivers rather than a political act. The programme is part of an effort started in June by Uber to improve the company’s relationship with drivers by rolling out new initiatives and features, such as tipping, that better serve them.

Starting on Friday, Uber will hold events for drivers in 28 US cities, from Los Angeles to Indianapolis, to offer in-person assistance in signing up for insurance plans offered through the Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare. Uber did not disclose a budget for the initiative.



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