Christopher Wray replaces James Comey as new FBI director

Christopher Wray, FBI director, US

Christopher Wray was sworn in by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions as the new FBI director on Thursday, with the latter lauding Wray’s “spirit” and “strength of character.”

A former US Assistant Attorney for the Criminal Division, Wray replaces James Comey, who was abruptly fired by President Donald Trump amid a probe into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia to influence the last year’s presidential election.

Wray, 50, who was confirmed by the US Senate through an overwhelming majority of 92-5 votes on the Senate floor, termed it “the honour of a lifetime” to serve as the director.

“It is the honour of a lifetime to serve as Director. I long ago grew to know and admire the FBI from my earliest days as a line prosecutor to my years as assistant attorney general,” Wray said in a statement after he was sworn in by the US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“I am excited, humbled, and grateful, therefore, to have this chance to work side-by-side again with these fine professionals for the good of the country and the cause of justice,” Wray said.



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