Pak Army gets 50 hand-held explosive detectors from US to check terrorism

Pakistan. Photo: Reuters

The US has provided more than 50 sophisticated hand-held explosive detectors to Pakistan Army to combat terrorism, the American embassy said here today.

The Fido X3 explosives detectors were provided by the embassy’s Office of the Defense Representative – Pakistan (ODRP) under a $128 million counter-explosive initiative.

“The Fido is a sophisticated hand-held device that will allow Pakistani soldiers determine in less than ten seconds whether an item is composed of explosives,” the embassy said in a statement.

It said that new Fidos will be added to those previously provided to the Pakistan army, currently used in various counter-terrorism operations throughout the country, helping to seize explosives and save lives.

“This delivery from the US government provides world- class technology to the Pakistan Army. A primary way to stop a bomb is to catch the bomb maker or attacker before he puts the device in position. This advanced system improves on previous versions used to great effect by the Pakistan Army to safeguard the nation,” said Brigadier General Kenneth Ekman, Chief of the US Embassy’s ODRP.

He said the provision of equipment highlighted the US’ partnership with the Pakistan Army in its ongoing efforts to combat terrorism, particularly in the Pakistan-Afghanistan border region.

The shipment of Fido devices is part of an ongoing $128 million initiative funded by the US government to assist the Pakistan Army in defeating illegal explosives, the embassy said in a statement.



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