1.9-km long pizza cooked by over 100 chefs sets Guinness world record

Photo: Twitter (@ODulainne)

A new Guinness record for the world’s longest pizza has been set in the US where over 100 chefs cooked a pizza measuring a whopping 1,930 metres in length.

The attempt saw volunteers in California gather to help beat the previous record of 1,853.88 metres, which was achieved in Italy – the birthplace of pizza.

Pizzaovens.Com, a US-based restaurant equipment company managed to achieve a total length of 1,930.39 metres – just surpassing the former record holder.

Dozens of chefs were in charge of crafting the enormous pizza, which was made using 3,632 kilogrammes of dough, 1,634 kilogrammes of cheese and 2,542 kilogrammes of sauce.

As the dough was stretched for the record, it ran along a conveyer belt which passed through three industrial ovens, which cooked the pizza nonstop for eight hours.

Volunteers helped to shift the oven every 17 minutes so as to not burn the dough, according to the Guinness World Records.

Following the event, all pizza slices were donated to local food banks and homeless shelters.



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