India welcomes UNGA move to create new counter-terrorism office

United Nations

The UN General Assembly has approved the establishment of a new office to coordinate counter-terrorism efforts, a move welcomed by India as a “much awaited first step” that will align the world body with needs of the global community in the fight against the menace.

The 193-member General Assembly adopted a consensus resolution on Thursday creating the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism that will be headed by an Under-Secretary-General.

India welcomed the creation of the new UN counter- terrorism office, saying it demonstrates the importance member states place on a collective and coordinated action on terrorism, which remains the most complex threat faced by the international community.

“India believes that the creation of the Office of Counter-Terrorism Coordinator is a much awaited first step in our efforts to enhance coordination of the UN’s counter- terrorism efforts,” India’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin said in the General Assembly after the resolution’s adoption.

He said the office’s creation “will align the UN with the changed global reality and needs of the international community” as was articulated by Secretary-General Antonio Guterres in Kabul, where he said support to terrorism entails a high price.

Addressing reporters in Kabul, Guterres had warned that any country that supports terrorism anywhere in the world in relation to other countries, “sooner or later the price paid will be high in relation to terrorism within the country itself”.


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