Google’s virtual assistant ‘Home’ facing glitches

Google's virtual assistant 'Home' facing glitches

Google pinned a lot of hope on its virtual assistant ‘Home’ to take on Amazon’s ‘Alexa’ but it appears that it has gone bonkers with the users reporting indifferent behaviour from ‘Home’.

The virtual assistant is spitting out errors instead of controlling smart home devices and answering questions.

“According to multiple online complaints, there’s a Google Home outage affecting a significant portion of users,” tech website Android Police reported on Monday.

To know if Home is affected, users need to use a trigger phrase and it will respond with “Hmm, something went wrong. Try again in a few seconds,” or “There was a glitch. Try again in a few seconds.”

“Most users say the issues started popping up in the last day or two and today Google Home has a nearly 100 per cent failure rate,” the report said.

What is interesting is that other devices with Google Assistant are working fine.

While some owners reported that a hard reset of ‘Home’ fixed the issue, many others still had problems after resetting.



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