China to stick to Paris accord while US may withdraw

China, flag,

China on Thursday said it will continue to uphold the Paris Agreement after US President Donald Trump indicated his country might pull out of the accord.

Beijing, which ratified the accord in 2016, said the position of other countries will not affect its stance of “upholding the outcome” of the climate change deal.

“Climate change is a global challenge. Paris agreement has demonstrated the widest consensus among the international community,” Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said.

“So not matter what other countries (do), we will continue to uphold the development of the green and sustainable concept,” Hua added.

The deal commits the countries to cut carbon emission.

She said Beijing will uphold the outcome of the Paris Agreement and its implementation.

“We will step up our measures against the global climate change and will also continue to participate in the multilateral process concerning climate change.”

China, the world’s biggest greenhouse gases emitter, ratified the deal in September 2016. India, the fourth-largest carbon emitter, signed it the next month.



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