Calls for boycott after Pizza Hut Israel mocks Palestinian prisoners on FB

palestine, pizza hut

Palestinians stormed social media calling for a global boycott of Pizza Hut restaurant after its Israeli branch ran a provocative Facebook ad that mocked Palestinian prisoners who have been on a mass hunger strike in Israeli prisons since 17 April.

Pizza Hut Israel posted on its Facebook page a photo of Palestinian leader Marwan Bargouti, allegedly breaking his hunger strike secretly in his cell. The company photoshopped a pizza box and a pizza slice into the picture, with the cynical comment: “Barghouti, if you are going to break your strike, isn’t pizza a better choice?”

palestine, pizza hut

More than 1,500 Palestinian prisoners, of the 6,500 in total incarcerated in Israeli jails, are on their 26th day of an open-ended hunger strike to protest against ill-treatment, medical negligence, solitary confinement, administrative detentions and to fight for better conditions.

Angered by the mockery of the struggle of Palestinian political prisoners for their rights in Israeli prisons, Palestinians used the social media hashtags



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