Bahubali-2 may change the way sports is watched at homes

Photo: Twitter

After the live streaming of multi-lingual film Bahubali-2‘s audio release function on the virtual reality (VR) technology platform in high resolution on Sunday, Radeon Technologies Group, a part of chip maker AMD, is set out to change the way people watch sports sitting at home.

For someone who plays computer games using a VR headset, either the 360 degree view of a virtual world or the experience of being right in the middle of the action is not something new to look for.

But what the Radeon Technologies is now attempting is to extend the VR technology to live-streaming of popular sports like cricket so that someone watching the match remotely can have a similar experience of a person sitting in the stadium.

“We are talking to people in the sports world on live streaming of matches on our VR platform. We hope to make some announcements in this regard in the second half of this year,” Raja Koduri, senior vice president of Radeon Technologies Group, who heads the graphics processor development initiative of AMD, told Business Standard.

The technology that can enable the live streaming of a live sports event on VR platform has been perfected by Radeon-AMD, thanks to its collaboration in making of Bahubali movie, according to Raja Koduri.

With regard to the consumption of digital technology, the tools that were used in the making of Bahubali-2 were ten times more than what it was used for the first Bahubali movie. Part-2 contains two trillion pixels of graphics as there was no single frame that has no VR content on it. (READ MORE)


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