Rooter, a sport social network to connect with fans of your favourite team

Rooter, a sport social network to connect with fans of your favourite team

BREAKING NEWS – There is something unique about all sports – a spirit of unity that brings people together to cheer for what they support. We often get a glimpse of it among friends or strangers at workplaces, eateries, clubs, or any other place where a live match is being screened.

Ever wondered how it would be if common interests and sport fandom were to unite random people separated by distance or want of acquaintance? How about some ‘social sports networking’? After all, sitting alone curled in a couch as you watch a match of your favourite team or player can be boring!

You can use social sports app Rooter to get yourself in touch with sports enthusiasts around the world with similar interests and liking. Apart from basic features like real-time updates and event facts, the app offers a 360-degree engagement experience to fans, giving them the opportunity to immerse themselves in their most ardent passion – sports!

Once you have downloaded the app from Play Store, you can log in using your Facebook, Twitter or Google accounts. The app requires permissions to access contacts and user profile, so user discretion is required. Once logged in, the app offers you the option to customise your experience in accordance with the sports of your liking. (READ MORE)


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