Now, you can take an educational course on the go with Coursera mobile app


LATEST NEWS – Education-focused technology company Coursera, known for specialised online courses and learning tools from top global universities and educational institutions, is making education more mobile and accessible to people. The company is also running online courses through an app on smartphones operating on Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS operating systems.

Considering that flexibility is a major reason for learners across the world enrolling for online courses, Coursera’s availability over its web portal as well as a mobile app could have twin benefits. Not only will it help the company increase its reach, it will also make it much more convenient for learners, especially those looking to go for a course alongside their professional pursuits, to enrol.

At present, Coursera has more than 25 million registered learners across the globe – 1.8 million in India alone. Of its learner base in India, 24 per cent access Coursera services through mobile. Also, the country is the second-biggest market for Coursera, next only to the US.

Business Standard took a deep look at Coursera’s Android mobile app and analysed its features to gauge the app experience. Here are some of the observations:

Getting started

The Coursera app is available at Google Play Store under the name ‘Coursera: Online courses’. Once the app is downloaded and installed, the app asks for a registration, which you could do through a Gmail account, Facebook account or any other e-mail address. Once registered, the app logs in automatically. (READ MORE)


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