Delhi HC upholds order restricting sale of Cipla’s respiratory disease drug

An employee works at the reception area of Cipla at its headquarters in Mumbai

Latest News – A division bench of the Delhi High Court on Thursday upheld a single judge order restraining Cipla from selling its respiratory disease drug – Indaflo.  Cipla had launched the drug in the Indian market in 2014 under the name Unibrez, while also calling for the revocation of five Novartis patents on Indacaterol, the generic version of the respiratory medicine.

Cipla later had to change the name Unibrez to Indaflo, after a court order held the earlier name as infringing on the trademark of Novartis’s own variant – Onbrez. After winning the first round in court, Novartis filed a separate suit for permanent injunction claiming the infringement of its patent on Indacaterol by Cipla.

Novartis’s bid to stop Cipla from selling Indacaterol in its entirety became a reality after a single judge bench in January 2015, restrained Cipla from selling their version of the drug, until otherwise allowed a compulsory license to sell the medicine from a (Read More)

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