Demonetisation was a ‘hoax’, it won’t kill black money: Chidambaram

Former finance minister and senior Congress leader P Chidambaram. Photo: PTI
Latest News – Dubbing the government’s claim that demonetisation would weed out black money and corruption as “hoax”, former union finance minister P Chidambaram has said that such issues are likely to persist since the November 8 decision was not “notebandi”, rather it was a “notebadli.”
“Demonetisation will not kill black money and corruption. Earlier, they asked and took bribes in old notes. Now they will take in new notes. The change of notes will not make any difference to these things. It is a complete hoax to say that demonetisation will kill corruption,” Chidambaram said while delivering a lecture on demonetisation at Srimanta Sankardev Research Centre in Guwahati.
Throwing a challenge to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Congress leader said, “Let me throw a simple challenge to the government, please guarantee to me that next time I go to a Tehsildar he will not ask bribe from me. Let the Prime Minister give the guarantee to (Read More)

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