Starbucks unveils Teavana in India; keeps pricing competitive


Latest News -Tata Starbucks, the joint venture between Tata Global Beverages and Seattle-based Starbucks Coffee Company in India, has launched the chain of tea bars Teavana today. This, a year after Starbucks’ chairman & CEO Howard Schultz had indicated the same.
The move is expected to spice up the nearly Rs 2,000-crore coffee retail market in India, which includes the likes of Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Costa Coffee and Di Bella Coffee among others. While tea among other assortments has been a part of the menu of most cafe retail chains in the country, branding it separately like the way Starbucks has done with Teavana, is a trend that could pick up in the future, market experts said.
In a conversation with Business Standard, Sumitro Ghosh, chief executive officer, Tata Starbucks, said that (Read More)

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