Alibaba joins big brands like Samsung, Sony, others to fight fake goods

A logo of Alibaba Group is pictured at its headquarters in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China. Photo: Reuters
Latest News -China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba today joined hands with 20 brands to fight counterfeit goods through big data analysis after the US last month labelled the company as one of the world’s largest destinations for fake goods.
The first “alliance to fight counterfeits with big data” was initiated by Alibaba in Hangzhou, capital of eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, the company said.
Among the first 20 members of the alliance are Chinese and international brands, including Huawei, LV, Swarovski, Dulux, Samsung, Sony and Bioderma.
Alibaba said the move would make the fight against counterfeiting more powerful and transparent.
The move was backed by police authorities in many provinces across China.
“Counterfeiting is rampant in the global market these days, and it’s increasingly difficult to eradicate bogus goods using traditional offline means,” said Jessie Zheng, Alibaba Group’s chief platform governance officer.

She said that Alibaba Group was(Read More)

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